Business lunches

Perfect catering solutins for business events

With our wide range of Buffet menus hot and cold, you are sure to please them! From Private or Business Parties to Launch Days and Wedding Receptions, your order will arrive to you plattered, garnished and either chilled or hot, depending on your requirements. We will provide you with disposable Plates, Napkins, and Table Cloths at no extra charge.

(alternatively, see Hatters hire)

Don't see what you like? Please note the menus listed below are examples of our most popular Buffets. We have a wide range of menus, hot & cold to suit all budgets and tastes. Just contact to discuss or order a full brochure FOC.

"Menu A"

Savouries arranged on the buffet table for your selection


Assorted open sandwiches of:
Brie and grape, ham and tomato
Finger sandwiches of:
Ham, Tuna, Coronation Chicken, Cheese
with salads and many other fillings
Freshly baked sausage rolls
Vol-au-vents of prawn & chicken
Quiche Lorraine
Grilled cocktail sausages
Crisps & tortilla chips
And for dessert a choice of
Chocolate eclair or small cakes

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Buffet Of Your Choice

With Crisps and Taco Chips
Farmhouse sandwiches, or baguettes, or wraps with assorted fillings, including vegatarian options.
Plus a choice made by you from the list below

3 items from list £5.95
Each additional item 95p per head

Ham Quiche or OnionQuiche
Cheese and bacon puffs
Chicken Tikka on Naan Bread
Brie and Grape, or ham and tomato croissant
Vol-au vent of Prawn or Cream cheese
Vegatable crudites of red pepper, cauliflower, cucumber and carrot with cocktail sauce dip
Crositin of tomato and mozzarella or pesto and olive (2 pieces)
Cocktail Sausage Rolls (2 pieces)
Chicken Satay with Peanut sauce
B.B.Q. Flavour Chicken Drumstick
Puff Pastry Crolines of Salmon, Ham or Mushroom
Goats cheese and red pepper puff
Mini spring rolls
Onion Bhajis
Vegatable Samosas
Small cakes or fresh fruit 75p Assorted Danish pastries £1.20
Cut fruit platter £1.75 Assorted Muffins 95p
Canned drinks 70p Fruit juices 75p

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Hot & Cold Buffet


Assorted Sandwiches of
Chicken and Salad, Ham and Tomato,
Tuna Fish with Cucumber, Cheese and Tomato and
Houmous and Roasted Vegetables

Hot Selection

Ham and Brie Croissant Melts
Puff pastry Crolines with Salmon, Mushroom and Ham fillings
Cocktail sausage rolls
Chicken satay with Peanut sauce
Mini Spring Roll, Onion Bhaji and Vegetable Samosa
With a Mild Curry Dip With Crisps and Taco Chips

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Sandwich Buffet

With Crisps and Taco chips
One and a half rounds of assorted sandwiches on a selection of brown and white bread.
Chicken & Salad, Chicken Tikka, Ham & Salad,
Tuna & Cucumber, Prawn & Salad, Houmous & Roasted Vegetable,
Cheese & Tomato etc, or to your own specification.
With Crisps and Taco Chips

£4.00 per head

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A Taste of India

Chicken Korma or Vegetable Korma served in Naan Bread
Shami Lamb Kebab
Vegetable Samosa
Onion Bhaji
Tandoori Chicken on a stick
Mini Poppadom with Mango Chutney and Raita Yoghurt Dip

£7.25 per head

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Tex Mex

Chicken Salsa Wraps
Potato Skins with Guacamole Dip
Mozzarella Melts
Nachos with Cheese and Salsa
Mexican Ribs
Hickory Smoked Chicken BBQ Stick
£7.25 per head

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Canapes Buffet Menu 1

Mixed Selection of Decorated Canapés
Prawn, Smoked Salmon, Pastrami and Ham
Cocktail Bouchees of Prawn and Cottage Cheese
Barquettes of Salmon Mousse
Mixed Crostini of Pesto, Tomato with Mozzarella
and Mushroom with Basil
Hot Assorted Crolines of Salmon, Mushroom and Ham
Hot Chicken Sate with Peanut Sauce
Mixed Olives and Crisps

This usually requires service at £14.00 per hour per staff member

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Canapes Buffet Menu 2

Cocktail Bouchees of Prawn and Cream Cheese
Assorted Crolines of Salmon, Mushroom and Ham
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Mixed Crostini of Tomato with Mozzarella and Pesto and Olive
Mixed Olives and Crisps and Taco Chips
with Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce

This usually requires service at £14.00 per hour per staff member

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